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About the cooperative

Welcome to Brf Bellevue! We are a housing cooperative that owns three buildings at Fanjunkaregatan 2, Fänriksgatan 6 and Lars Kaggsgatan 47 with a total of 86 apartments.

To contact the board, use this contact form or send a mail to


Caretaking and repairs are managed by Primär. To request service, call 031-709 10 50.
NOTE: If you own your apartment, most of the property (such as appliances) are your own responsibility.

Waste & Recycling

Recyclable waste such as glass, paper and plastics should be disposed at the recycling spot at Lars Kaggsgatan. Bulky and hazardous materials such as electronics should be disposed at a recycling central. There are two recycling centrals nearby, see this map.

Other types of household waste can be thrown in the waste bins outside the buildings. Biodegradable waste should be put in a paper bag and thrown in the smaller bin used for compost.

TV & Internet

The buildings are connected to Telia’s fiber network. A basic TV subscription (about 17 channels) is included in the rent. For other services, call Telia’s customer service at 020-755766.


The cooperative has parking spaces at Kanongränden and Fanjunkaregatan that are at the disposal of the members. To request a space, see this page.

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